50 MW/100 MWh battery, the largest in the European electricity grid

SDM-Projects, the DEIF distributor and high end builder for energy critical installations, will service the DEIF controllers of this 50MW installation.

A 40-Megapack facility in Belgium is now online with 50 MW/100 MWh of storage, making it the largest BESS installation in Europe with 40 Tesla Megapacks. Replacing a 70-Year-Old Generating Station In Belgium.

Built in 6 months and entirely made up of lithium-ion batteries, it provides frequency regulation on the Belgian electricity network.

“In the context of the energy crisis, energy storage is today the key element to guarantee the energy independence of the European Union.

It stabilizes the electrical networks by ensuring the balance between production and consumption without having to resort to auxiliary power plants running on fuel oil or gas. The proliferation of this type of project is a strategic issue for guaranteeing Europe’s energy sovereignty.”

Michael Coudyser, general manager of Corsica Sole, says, “This project is an important step for the development of electricity storage solutions in Europe. We financed this project with our shareholder, Mirova Energy Transition 5, without any public subsidy. By demonstrating that large-scale battery deployment is economically viable, we are proving that we can build a world based on renewable energy coupled with energy storage.


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