Decentralization of electricity production

The energy production is changing faster and faster. The focus on renewable energy sources and energy decentralisation is a fact. Energy companies have been changing their energy mix to increase the use of renewable or sustainable energy sources.

But the volatile production of green energy requires a special approach. Peak power plants must accommodate the fluctuations, and industry must invest in Microgrids to secure their own production.


Global increasing of electricity demand

Electricity demand keeps rising. To banish CO2, coal-fired power plants are no longer allowed and cars must be electrified. All this requires a huge increase in the demand for electricity. Nuclear power plants were phased out but this vision is now being revisited. The amount of green energy rises steadily but it is too unstable due to the influence of solar and wind instability. Big investments are needed to save the climate and meet the rising demand for electricity.


Implementation of Renewable Energies

Renewable energy has become indispensable in our industry. Sophisticated Micro grid installations are needed to make the high investments profitable. The industry must go for the right approach with the right controllers.

SDM-Projects is the market leader in critical energy for a reason. For years they have been top leaders in Microgrid and critical installations.


Infrastructures for Car electrification

The obligation of electrification of the car fleet makes it urgent to invest in well-controlled intelligent EV chargers. But your company’s entire infrastructure also needs to be handled.

What capacities do you need to charge, what transformers should you install? Certainly don’t forget to link the EV charging system to the Microgrid, the asset control and the entire control of the electricity grid.


Digitalization of the world (Datacenters)

Data centers already consume more than 5% of total world energy. It is expected to rise to 10% or more. This requires a specific approach in global energy production.

Data centers will move into space to mitigate power consumption and pollution. The exponential increase in computing may mean that extra-terrestrial processing and storage facilities will soon be needed.

Control of active & reactive energy flows

As energy demand rises and we produce more green energy, other problems come into play. It becomes vitally important to map active and reactive energy flows and act where necessary.

We need energy critical plants that can balance both active and reactive energy by producing or absorbing it. One such solution is SDM-Projects’ UPD.


Microgrids/Energy communities with Parallel Grid & Island operation modes

Microgrid installations are becoming indispensable. they must be able to operate in parallel on the grid as well as in island model. The exchange of energy between companies and industrial parks must also become possible to stabilize the flow of energy.

Future challenges for grid operators in Europe

In order to meet supply demand (energy technology), generation must continuously adapt to grid demand.

Due to the volatility of renewable sources, the big challenge is to keep the frequency constant in volatile conditions

Important to know: the Frequency in Europe is unique for the 28 connected countries, but the voltage, on the other hand, is very variable over time and depending on the location and therefore requires permanent adjustment



  • Total Solution Provider
  • In-house engineering
  • In-house programming
  • E-plan drawing
  • Turn Key Projects
  • SCADA All A-brands
  • Plc controls and programming
  • Programming and training
  • Ai Asset control
  • Development
  • 24/24 Service
  • Energy Solutions
  • Energy Production
  • Energy Management
  • Energy Trading
  • Energy Storage
  • Grid protection
  • Cogeneration
  • Hybrid- and Microgrid
  • Quarter-hour KW peak
  • Reactive power absorption and injection
  • DEIF controllers
  • Panel factory
  • Cabling and installation
  • Gensets, Diesel & Gas
  • Legrand UPS
  • Transformers
  • Low and medium voltage
  • Panel builder
  • Retrofit


  • Total turnkey projects from design, engineering, analysis to implementation and service
  • Redundant power supply from the public grid

  • Redundant construction of the internal network.
  • Reliable emergency power with gensets, microgrid, UPS, RUPS and UPD
  • Scada Monitoring and optimisation, energy management, monitoring and control

  • Green energy, microgrid and energy storage

  • Cogeneration and peak shaving, bio, gas and diesel

  • We have our own panel factory, control panels, power panels, transformers, gensets and more
  • Retrofit your installations


  • Asset control; Inventory of all consumers and production units and management and control of assets
  • Hybrid & Microgrid; Hybrid networks and microgrids provide stability, operational security and increased profits for your business.
  • Power Solutions;

    Power and control solutions for your business

  • Intelligent Controllers; Our intelligent DEIF controls and PLCs are at the heart of our installations
  • Weather & Energy cost prediction – Buy or Sell Energy; The hybrid system and control of the assets are determined by energy prices, weather forecasts and the company’s current interests.
  • Artificial Intelligence; Optimize the customer’s overall energy costs, production, revenues and expenses based on energy prices, weather forecasts, currency fluctuations, production costs, etc.


  • Injecting energy into the grid (R2 and R3) at critical times when green energy is not in available or when energy is very expensive. Green energy production with a microgrid installation.
  • Controlling and managing the EV charging stations and managing the stored energy in the parked EVs provides significant savings.
  • The DEIF controllers control the solar panels, wind turbines, battery storage, and the gensets.
  • SDM-Projects programs the DEIF controllers as well as any touch panels, PLCs and, when necessary, the Scada systems.


  • Energy storage is the key to overcome the current instability in the electric grid.
  • Green energy production provides a lot of energy but production is never constant and depends on the wind, clouds and the sun
  • The DEIF controllers control both solar panels, wind turbines and battery storage.
  • SDM-Projects programs the DEIF controllers as well as any touch panels, PLCs and, when necessary, the Scada systems.
  • In this way we create a Micro Grid system that absorbs the instability of green energy.
  • We can then add the management of charging stations.
  • Injecting energy into the grid (R2 and R3) is also possible.