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SDM-Projects is the official partner of IEM in the Belux.

IEM Power Systems designs and builds innovative electrical power systems in Belgium. We provide a complete turn-key solution for a wide range of power applications.

IEM Power Systems aims to provide the most reliable and efficient power systems in the world. With critical facilities in mind, we have designed our UPS Systems to fully protect No-Break Loads against electrical disturbances as well as improve the overall power quality for a wide range of applications.

IEM Power Systems has developed the complete UPS system to protect Critical / ‘No-Break Loads’ against electrical disturbances in the event of power failures, voltage transients, or slow voltage fluctuations. The RBT utlilizes simple, e cient, conventional electrical and mechanical components while being very robust. The system consists of a standard synchronous generator with no special windings and a simple steel flywheel. The low speed shaft extends bearing life and reduces maintenance.

Rotabloc RBT Overview

Normal Operation

  • Protects the electrical load from power quality problems eliminating harmonics, flicker, voltage spikes and sags.
  • Rotabloc’s power quality protection prevents wear on your facilities infrastructure – including damage to motors and pumps, and reduces the maintenance downtime necessary to repair or replace such assets.
  • These issues can be over 95% of power problems faced by your facility each year.

Main Failure

  • During mains failure the Rotabloc protects the load and maintains the power supply at the precise voltage and frequency by supplying energy to the alternator from the Accumulator without need for electronic power conversion.
  • Under extended mains failure, the load is automatically transferred to your chosen back-up energy source, usually a diesel gen-set.
  • Once a stable mains supply returns the RBT will safely transfer the load back and be ready to act again.

Green Technology


Our highly e cient UPS supports your aims to minimize your environmental impact and mitigate the e ects of rising energy costs in the future. Our ROTABLOC design, almost all steel and copper, ensures that it is over 99.97% recyclable.

  • No batteries – no need for expensive replacement cycle / no costly disposal of hazardous materials
  • No air conditioning required – providing a/c for battery rooms is a significant cost and impacts the environment
  • Dynamic Autonomy Control (DAC): Automatic speed adaptation for optimum e ciency at partial load with FULL critical load protection
  • 95% of all voltage interruptions last less than 1 second (European urban locations) the RBT protects the load without generator starts*. *This is configurable to maximize RBT power output or compensate for short interruptions.

Technical advantages

Technical advantages of the ROTABLOC:

Standard synchronous generator (no special windings) simple steel flywheel and low speed shaft o ering extended bearing life with very low maintenance.

SDM-Projects is a Total Solution Provider for Microgrid control

All critical facilities require uninterrupted, high quality electrical power to support their 24 x 365 mission. Critical facilities prioritize continuity of service and, because of their high levels of power use, efficiency of operations. IEM Power Systems provide power distribution and control systems, as well as our own, highly dependable, UPS solutions. IEM delivers safe, reliable and efficient power solutions for all critical power facilities and can provide individual items or complete integrated systems.

Rotabloc UPS – provides a simple and reliable rotary UPS solution that will efficiently protect your critical loads from variable power quality and sustained interruptions to supply. Rotabloc is a robust, space saving UPS, which is virtually maintenance free. Rotabloc delivers a low TCO and high efficiency across a wide range of loads that will contribute to a reduced PUE.

Power Distribution Units (PDU’s) – Large scale data centers require PDU’s to further reduce the higher voltages that allow efficient distribution to data floors across the facility. IEM Power Systems’ Power Distribution Units accept a wide range of voltages, with output to the data floor typically specified at 400 to 480 volts. IEM’s custom made PDU’s can be matched to your preferred transformer with options for isolation and controls.

IEM 38kV Medium Voltage Metal-Clad Switchgear is a highly customizable indoor / outdoor (NEMA 1 / 3R) solution for applications where a higher power rating is required.

IEM Low Voltage products include custom designed panel boards and switchboards – allowing the implementation of an optimal power solution for your data center facility.

VESTA-AR is front accessible, Arc-Resistant, metal clad switchgear with withdrawable breakers, PT’s and CT’s. Vesta-AR is rated from 5-15kV and provides the highest levels of safety and reliability in the most compact footprint. VESTA’s design saves up to 50% of valuable floor space compared to traditional medium voltage switchgear.

IEM Power Systems E-Houses can be employed to take LV and MV power distribution and control outside the facility’s main building. Our custom-built e-house solutions provide a walk-in structure that is fully tested and equipped and ready for rapid implementation upon delivery to your site.

Unit Substations – IEM Power systems unit substations convert the utility power to the voltage required within your facility. Our unit substations are designed to work with your choice of commercially available transformer and their compact footprint can be installed outdoor or indoor.

Independent Power Genset controls, commissioning tools, maintenance, fuel-efficient and black-starts. Automatic frequency /voltage support of the grid to stabilise the grid frequency/voltage.

Redundant Power & controllers To have doubled (redundant) controllers on all positions for extra safety. On top of the grid, bus tie and generator controls, the DEIF AGC-4 controllers carry out full power management, eliminating the need for PLCs.

Automatic Load control The ALC’s can automatically connect and disconnect consumers in a pre-determined order and start or stop generators if needed.

Single Module RBT

Single Module RBT with Generator for continuous power supply

A single module is the basic building block for larger scale systems. However, single modules are sometimes deployed where voltage regulation and protection against short disturbances (“transients”) are a prime concern and where a lower level of resiliency is acceptable. In ‘n+0’ configurations the power of the RUPS matches the power required by the “No-Break” load (guarantees that power is available 99.95% of the time). Such ‘n+0’ solutions are very e cient, have a lower CapEx cost and are suited to operations where downtime is to be avoided and mains power quality is inconsistent.

Parallel Installation

Parallel Installation

Employing redundant modules (n+1) in a parallel configuration builds extra resiliency into your power protection system. It means that even if multiple incidents occur at the same time, for instance, the mains fails whilst the diesel genset is being maintained, the ‘redundant module’ can automatically protect the load and ensure that your operations continue una ected. This approach pushes guaranteed power availability to levels nearer the 99.999% (5 nines) which is regarded as the ‘holy grail’ of uptime. Such a system is essential only where the load must never be unprotected – data centers, banks and telecoms with strict service level contracts insist on this and even higher levels of resiliency.

Rotabloc is an Electrically Coupled Rotary UPS System made in Belgium

Medium Voltage

Recognition of the advantages of Medium Voltage (MV) systems in facilities with high power requirements is growing. The benefits include: ease of power distribution, lower TCO, improved safety, reduced maintenance / greater reliability, enhanced flexibility in current and future power infrastructure and improved green credentials with lower embodied energy and lower energy usage.

IEM Power Systems can provide RUPS systems that will support MV in your facility, delivering high quality, continuous MV power to your operation. We are experts in Medium Voltage and can utilize IEM’s Vesta-AR arc-resistant metal-clad switchgear, is the leading MV solution for distributing power safely and e ciently throughout your building. Our state of the art Jacksonville (USA) facility has been designed to test both LV and MV systems and we are the only RUPS manufacturer who can fully integrate and test MV solutions in the factory before shipping. Using medium voltage solutions may allow your facility design to minimize cabling, reducing capital expenditure and the impact of your facility on the environment.

Whether you employ a low voltage or medium voltage design, our simplified approach minimizes embodied energy costs and maximizes operating effciency.

“The SDM’s mission is to confront and alleviate electrical and power disturbance problems and offer alternative means of reliable energy equipment.

SDM provides a solution for any type of application.”


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